Hi James. My daughter said I should tell you that the viral warts in Echo’s mouth significantly decreased in size since she has been on the raw diet. The day I picked it up from you guys they were growing in quantity and size. They were getting so big one was hanging out of her mouth at all times and her breath was terrible. Yesterday we noticed a significant difference in her breath and the warts have almost cleared up completely. It’s only been about 10 days. Also, Echo did great on Halloween with the trick or treaters coming to the door. She sat nicely by the door observing each time. She listens well “most” of the time on the first command. We still have trouble with her when it comes to food. She’ll jump on a counter or try to steal from the trash if our backs are turned. We’ve been keeping her away from other dogs since the warts were getting so crazy, so I’m sure we’ll have to do some work there as well. Thanks for the “tools” you taught us and the raw food resource.




Our English Bulldog, Tank, is almost eight years old. Since getting him as a puppy, it has been a lifelong battle against many of the usual health problems that come along with this breed. He’s had flare ups with allergies, yeast infections and acne, joint pain, to name a few. Knowing that many of these issues are food related, we had tried many “clean/limited ingredient” options, most of which were recommended by Veterinarians. Tank’s flare ups would subside initially but always reverted after a short amount of time. As a last resort, we decided to try Tefco Performance Raw Dog food. Within a week we noticed significant changes in Tank’s skin and problem areas! It has been a few months now and he is healthier than ever! Not one flare up has occurred, he has more energy and he’s obsessed with his food. The price of the RAW food is surprisingly comparable to the food that was vet recommended and we’ve saved even more by not having to pay for vet trips and medications. We could’t be happier with this product and the great costumer service that we’ve received working with James and Allison. We would recommend this RAW food for any dog, especially those that are predisposed to multiple ailments. It has truly changed Tank’s life for the better, now there no turning back!!

Tank and his buddy Pierre

Julie & Daryn