February 5, 2019

wolfsrawfood Repost from @55katryn using @RepostRegramApp – Such a difference. We got Zeus at 12 wks old and fed him what was considered “the best” grain free dog food. Within a month he developed these bumps everywhere and within a couple months he became lethargic and wouldn’t eat or drink. I had to rush him to the vet for steroids and antibiotics. After 6 wks on hydrogenized food and $600 in vet dermatology bills he still had bumps everywhere. We had been doing tons of research and after trying everything else and speaking to our dog trainer we switched Zeus to all raw food. He went from hating dry food then hating hydrogenized food and pooping 5-6x a day, to drooling and devouring his bowl in seconds and pooping once. His body absorbs all the nutrients. His coat is soft and beautiful and bump free after 2 months. We only feed him the raw food you see in the pic and the beef bones with marrow. 

I honestly never thought I’d put my dog on a raw food diet. I heard it was “so expensive, complicated, horrible for the dog, advised against”, but I was definitely proven wrong on all accounts.  

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