Reagan, Maggie, Linqon and Georgie

February 5, 2019

We get asked all the time what raw food we feed our dogs. This is our distributor (who also happens to be our dog trainer – they’ve been part of our family for 14 + years). We started them on this raw food when Reagan was 7 when we got Maggie. Reagan did amazing on this food for 7+ years. His allergies got better, and even up until and through his Rhinitis, his blood work was perfect. Maggie, Linqon and now Georgie have never known anything different. They truly thrive on this food. We just did Maggie’s blood work for baseline since she’s 7, and everything is perfect. We know we made the best decision for our dogs 7+ years ago when we decided to switch. If you’re in SD and interested in switching to a Raw Food diet for your dogs, reach out to Wolf (Allison) and they will provide options/pricing.