January 24, 2018

We started feeding our beagle Wolf’s Raw Dog Food a little over a year ago in an attempt to improve her health.  She had developed these terrible viral warts in her mouth that continued to grow in quantity and size, and her breath was unbearable. We researched natural ways to strengthen her immune system and discovered that a raw diet can do exactly that.  After being on a raw diet for just over a week, we were shocked to see that the warts and bad breath were nearly gone. We have so many friends who pay for medication and expensive vet bills for varying ailments that we thought this would be a good investment in our dog’s long-term health.  We have had her on a raw diet ever since and she loves it!

Also, Echo did great on Halloween with the trick or treaters coming to the door. She sat nicely by the door observing each time. She listens well “most” of the time on the first command. We still have trouble with her when it comes to food. She’ll jump on a counter or try to steal from the trash if our backs are turned. We’ve been keeping her away from other dogs since the warts were getting so crazy, so I’m sure we’ll have to do some work there as well. Thanks for the “tools” you taught us and the raw food resource.