You claim your diet is more natural than most pet foods. Why?

The word “natural”, when applied to some of the pet foods of today, is a real stretch of Mr. Webster’s primary definition, of or arising from nature: in accordance with what is found or expected in nature. How many commercial pet foods have corn, wheat, soy, or barley as prominent ingredients? These are all natural products for herbivores (feeding chiefly on grass or other plants i.e. cattle, horses, buffalo, goats, deer).

Think about it…how many carnivores (dog, cat, wolf, lion, tiger) have you observed in nature (the wild, or on the “Discovery” channel) feasting on these products? They are not “natural” for dogs and cats. Fresh raw meat pet diets are! Simply put, you will never see a dog or cat jumping up and down with excitement in a corn patch, but, what you will see is a dog or cat chasing after some prey with a beating heart…real meat!