Can I mix dry kibble food with a Raw Meat Pet Diet?

This is not recommended for small breeds, but many owners of large breeds and/or multiple dogs reportedly feed this way when budget restraints are an issue. The reason being is that raw meat pet diet ingredients are very rich in all the necessary nutrients, plus fortified with natural vitamins and minerals (because we cannot be absolutely certain the soil that the free-range cattle are grazing on is complete and balanced at all times and on all days).

The quality of the kibble should be considered (be aware that price is not a consistent indicator of quality). Even on a 50/50 ratio of raw, in as little as 1-2 weeks, very positive changes will be apparent in your dog’s appearance, mobility, behavior, and stools (feces are greatly reduced in size and frequency!).

In less than 30 days, it will seem as though you have a different dog–apparent to you AND your neighbors! That’s when you will want to make the final decision…stay on the 50/50 ratio, or go all the way and feed raw 100%.

Kibble will primarily consist of indigestible grains and other ingredients that you are simply causing volumes of fecal matter in the yard. In addition, the meat source that goes into most kibble is “meat and bone meal, chicken meal, lamb meal, fish meal, etc.” These ingredients are NOT fresh or whole real meats. Check labels and use kibbles that are predominately meat based.