Raw Dog Food Benefits

Who's Walking Who? Dog Training, operators of Wolf's Raw Food has been distributing raw pet food supplies for dogs in the San Diego area for over 15 years. We believe that nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthy and vital pet and acts as preventive medicine for many disorders and illnesses. The companies we distribute food for have been providing an all-natural balanced raw pet food diet across the US, specializing in creating a complete diet with a variety of proteins including beef, chicken, turkey and pork - without adding grains, preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers and using fresh meat, whole organ meats, bone and beef tripe - just as nature intended.


We practice what we preach and the benefits speak for themselves but here are some of the numerous benefits from feeding dogs a balanced raw meat diet with green tripe:

  • Decreases health problems and increases overall health, minimizing vet costs
  • Shiny, healthy fur coat
  • Improved digestion alleviating or eliminating diarrhea and/or constipation
  • Manageable weight
  • Less waste leading to smaller stools and less cleanup
  • Cleaner teeth minimizing vet costs
  • Longevity of life
  • Maintains energy throughout the day
  • Reduces the risk of bone disease
  • Prevents allergies minimizing vet costs
  • Prevents arthritis minimizing vet costs
  • Decreases ear infections minimizing vet costs
  • Promotes slow & steady growth without painful grow spurts and uneven bone growth
  • Decreases water intake while keeping your pet hydrated
  • Decreases runny eyes
Benefits of a Raw Meat Diet for Dogs

Check out our general raw food FAQs, nutrition FAQs, and health & handling FAQs for more information on raw pet food diets.

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