Raw dog food for healthy pets

We believe that nutrition is the cornerstone to health and vitality and acts as preventative medicine. Feeding your pet a raw food diet provides optimal nutrition for your canine friend and will lead to a long and healthy life. Wolf’s Raw Food is San Diego County’s exclusive distributor of Albright’s Raw Dog Food and Texas Tripe.

We’re firm believers in the benefits of raw meat diets for dogs. We’ve fed our own dogs raw food for 15+ years and have seen the benefits firsthand. Our clients wanted to know what they could do for their own dogs so we became distributors. We have a lot of experience & can answer your questions about pet nutrition.

Your Dog Nutrition Experts

Wolf’s Raw Food is owned and operated by James & Allison Waite in San Diego, California. We have been feeding, distributing and educating clients in the San Diego area about raw dog food since 2005.
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